Deep tissue

$80, $110


Slow, intentional massage focusing on deeper layers of muscle, tendons and fascia. Indicated for those with chronic muscle congestion (knots) and decreased range of motion from over-use and lack of rest. Especially helpful for chronic aches and pains, commonly associated with the neck, shoulders and low back. 60 or 90 minute. 


$80, $110

Shiatsu incorporates focused pressure of finger tips or palms to facilitate the balanced movement of energy through meridian channels in the body. 60 or 90 minute.

Hot Stone

$100, $140


Grounding Obsidian stones are carefully heated, giving them an enhanced ability to release tension in the areas of the body where they are applied. Used as an extension of the therapist's hands, the warmth of the smooth stones promotes deep relaxation and release of stress from the body and spirit. 60 or 90 minute.

This therapy targets specific areas of the body and may employ deep tissue, cross fiber friction, neuro-muscular "trigger point" techniques to re-calibrate the neuro-pathways between muscle fibers and the brain.

Intended for those living with chronic ailments such as fibromyalgia, headaches, chronic pain, tendinitis, or other diagnoses. Suitable for those recovering from surgery and may supplement physical therapy. 60 or 90 minute.   


$90, $120

This modality was founded on ancient principles that link specific points on the feet or hands to organs and systems of the body. These points are stimulated with finger pressure to revitalize and restore balance to the mirrored part of the body. Heavily focused on lymph and circulatory systems. 

Castor oil and warm towels wraps sooth the feet and promote relaxation and enhance the benefits of this technique. 60 or 90 minute.



$65, $90

This therapy integrates reflexology, massage and the aroma-therapeutic power of essential oils to open a gateway to the central and autonomic nervous systems to create focused awakening and systemic well-being. 60 or 90 minute.

waterfall Therapy

$90, $120


$80, $110


Sports massage may be sought before or after events or to compliment an athlete's training objectives. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of each athlete. Techniques include body flushes to relieve lactic acid buildup, static or passive stretching, cramp management, optimization of circulation, and rehabilitation from sports injuries and/or surgeries. 60 or 90 minute.

Intended to promote relaxation through gentle, flowing movement over the entire body, Swedish massage is the foundation for all other massage modalities and is an ideal introduction to healing through massage. 60 or 90 minute.


$80, $110

chakra balancing

$80, $110


This modality utilizes placement of hands near, but not on, the body to harmonize energetic and physical being. The seven main chakras, energy centers in the body, correspond to nerve plexi, endocrine glands and organs. A clear channel of energy flow is vital to the function of regulatory systems in the body. 

This session may include polarity therapy and craniosacral therapy and is best suited for those looking for healing of body through spirit. 60 or 90 minute. 

Specialized session for expectant mothers designed to address the many physical changes associated with pregnancy. Alleviates the most prevalent issue for expectant mothers, lack of sleep. Benefits include increased circulation through the placenta, decreased inflammation of limbs, eased stress on weight bearing joints, and nurturing space to release emotional tension. 60 or 90 minute. 


$80, $110